4th Floor Academy


We are coming to the end of the second intake at 4th Floor Academy, and again we have been lucky enough to partner with the wonderful organisation Small Green Shoots. Small Green Shoots is a unique charity led by young people from disadvantaged areas, and offering “real world” work experience and training opportunities in the music and entertainment industries. For the last 6 months, we have had Shoots as valued members of the team within Creative Strategy, Video Production, Photography, Digital and New Tech, and Web Development

Thank you so much to the Shoots’ line managers – Neato, Vicky, Sophie, Frank and Hari – for your unwavering support and generosity of time, and most importantly, huge shout out to Leah, Muhammed, Nathalia, Shanice and Aicha, for providing energy, passion and a whole host of laughs to the department for the last 6 months. Check out the amazing wrap-up video below, perfectly encapsulating their time with us, produced, filmed, and edited by none other than Leah, our wonderful Video Production Shoot.

We are incredibly proud of them as well as the programme itself!