George Ezra

Visual Creative

The return of George for his third album is a big deal and we need a video for single one that showed him off as the top tier artist he is today.

We wanted a creative that conveyed the idea of multiple Georges to match that key lyric ‘I could be anyone for you’, but without making George act or not be himself. The idea from director Andrew Donoho was perfect – it would showcase George in different stylised outfits performing in incredible, almost impossible landscapes. The trick was that this would be done using new film technology, shot on an XR Stage – a massive wrap around LED screen stage that live projected an interactive background created using video game engine Unreal.

While this is fun, it’s important that we convey the ‘real’ authentic George, another reason we loved Andrew’s creative – after the second verse George breaks out of these impossible landscapes and reveals the real him dressed in his album campaign outfit. He then rocks out on the stage, using a live feed of himself projected on the XR stage to create a feedback loop of himself. V cool and a first time this has ever been done. The video ends with George leaving the studio and walking out into the real world, in a shot that looks like his album cover.

We shot in LA at a big XR stage there. Andrew’s a big director, having worked with Paul McCartney, Beck, The Strokes, Janelle Monae, 21 Savage and lots of others. A big look for a major returning pop act.

Directed by Andrew Donoho

Commissioned by Michael Lewin

Produced by Anna Heinrich and Valerie Bush

Production Company – Obsidian