Mark Ronson
Interactive Video


Mark Ronson’s ‘Pieces of Us’ featuring King Princess

Mark Ronson and King Princess recently released the official video for Pieces of Us, a collaboration between Columbia, 4th Floor Creative and Instagram. In a world first, the interactive music video was released over the course of several days via Mark and King Princess’ Instagram and the first to be shot using Instagram’s new augmented reality platform, Spark AR.

The video was purpose-designed for Instagram Stories and appeared in two consecutive 24 hour cycles, with each one offering the viewer a different kind of interaction. Fans were able to engage and react to it in real-time using polls and lyric stickers, and to incorporate the video’s augmented reality effects into their own Stories.

The ‘Pieces of Us’ video was a collaboration between 4th Floor Creative and Facebook Creative Shop, with Creative Direction from Marriage. Shot entirely on phones by Director Clare Gillen, it uses real-time AR effects with zero post-production. A world first, the video is a unique showcase for the creative alternatives new technology can bring to traditional music video production.