J Hus ft CB

Visual Creative

J Hus ft CB

Commissioned by Daniel Millar from 4FC, J Hus and CB’s latest music video ‘Cream’, emerges as a visual masterpiece that transcends conventional boundaries, delivering a captivating audio-visual experience. Directed by Nicholas Lam, the video unfolds as a striking fusion of cyberpunk aesthetics and anime-inspired storytelling, showcasing a creative brilliance that has left audiences in awe.

In this R-rated cyberpunk anime western, J Hus and CB transform into animated swordsmen navigating a dystopian future, encountering shadowy organisations and super-villains. Lam’s visionary direction takes centre stage, orchestrating a narrative that seamlessly blends elements of samurai and cowboy cultures.

Collaborating with animation teams Tier S in Serbia and Point Five Creations in Taiwan, Lam elevates the video with exceptional visual storytelling. The result is an ultraviolent and dynamic journey, marked by impressive dramatic build-ups and superb animation work that captures the essence of the song.

In essence, ‘Cream’ not only showcases the musical prowess of J Hus and CB but also establishes itself as a testament to the boundless creativity within the realm of music videos. Lam’s directorial finesse, coupled with the collaborative efforts of talented animation teams, sets a new standard for immersive and visually captivating storytelling in the world of contemporary music.


Writer/Director: Nicholas Lam @nicholaslam__

Executive Producers: Missy Galandia @missymg, Isaac Rice @isaacrice76, Andrea Saavedra @producedbydre

Production Company: Hound @houndcontent

Animation Houses: Tier-S @tier_s_com, Point Five Creations @pointfivecreations

Art Director: Mateja Mahovic @matadraws

Animation Directors: Mateja Mahovic, Tommy Ng, Galya Pugach

Animation Producers: Andreja Mahovic, Wong Fei Pang, Tseh Kwan Ho

Storyboard Artist: Rodrigo Silveira

Character Design: Mateja Mahovic, Galya Pugach, Alberto Cariati, Tommy Ng

Background Artists: Alberto Cariati, Mateo Aguirre, Gabriela Sa, Bjork Trondheim, Diogo Costa, Mateja Mahovic

Lead Animators: Galya Pugach, Lorenzo Varisco, Ian Dominic Alejo, Breno Vargas Rohr, Gabriela Sa, Tommy Ng, Alice Chin, Keung Hoi Sum, Chui Ling Chiu

Assistant Animators: Anibal Dasso, Lucas Moreira, Pualine Keravec, Marina Edvige, Kyrylo Novkov, Chan Kong Kzchan, Wong Sing Wang Simon, Chung Chi Fai Potter, Lam Pan Litz, Chow Hei Yu Danny, Sixtine James 2D FX: Julien Pingault, Gulya Pugach, Billy Khamvongsa 3D FX: Cheng Wei Zhi

Sound Design: Denis Kilty @deniskilty

Lead Compositing Artist: Mateja Mahovic

Compositing Artist: Wong Sing Wang Simon Commissioner: Daniel Millar @d_milly Management: 2k.

Director Rep: Andy Roberts @ruckus_roberts