London Grammar x UEFA


For a number of years BT Sport has celebrated the Champions League Final by marrying a song of the moment to the highlights from the tournament, and the relationship was timed perfectly for London Grammar’s much anticipated 3rd album. With a packed schedule for both parties however, the entire creative and shoot had to be pulled together in only a week, and despite the incredibly fast turnaround, the Ministry of Sound signed band and BT Sport created a stunning set of visuals and a gorgeous performance. The finished video was played out after the final match to a TV audience of over 10 million, with BTS and teasers strategically placed across socials. The performance was facilitated and managed by 4th Floor’s Synch Team, with coordination and creative from the BT Sports Music Team. And the beautiful game worked its magic as the band are Chelsea supporters, so it couldn’t have been a more successful ending to a brilliant tournament!