MØ Website


4th Floor recently launched a new website for RCA artist . Karen’s Desktop is a website version of MØ’s laptop screen where users can explore the content by clicking on folders and files. The content is a mixture of BTS photos of her life, ideas and creative inspiration, as well as some audio and video of demo tracks and a fan mash-up of some live footage. 

On top of being a quirky creative outlet, the site also functions as a CRM entry destination to drive fans to marketing activities for her upcoming releases, which is hidden amongst the content. At launch, fans were directed to the new site and resulted in a 1k% increase in site traffic for , of which 8% funnelled through to pre-save the new release, and opt-into the artist’s mailing list.

A collaboration between RCA, dev agency Agile Pixel and 4FC’s CRM team, the plan for Karen’s Desktop is for additional content for fans to discover in each successive promo campaign. Check it out here.