George Ezra / Ollie MN
Phone A Friend


Phone A Friend with George Ezra and Ollie MN

When long-time friends GEORGE EZRA and OLLIE MN both experienced issues with mental health, they found comfort in opening up to one another about what they were going through. PHONE A FRIEND is a podcast series that captures these candid chats, with the goal of encouraging the listener to start conversations of their own about mental health. In fact, fans are encouraged to write in to share what they are going through, enabling George and Ollie to talk about how they balance their mental health concerns when facing the daily stresses of life. 

Continued Collaboration

Having already worked across George’s first podcast series, GEORGE EZRA & FRIENDS, 4th Floor Creative collaborated with his team again; working across the marketing, sales and distribution of Phone A Friend, doing all we can to bring the weekly conversations to the widest audience. Through George guesting on other podcasts, to targeted sponsored read partnerships with companies that have a mental health & wellbeing focus, the show has garnered much support and a growing listenership.