Mimi Webb
Good Without Artwork

Creative Direction

Mimi Webb is a name you will get used to hearing in the coming months – her debut single, ‘Before I Go’, has amassed over 20 million streams since its release, and 50,000 video creations on TikTok. Her latest single, ‘Good Without’, has found even greater success, debuting at 17 in the UK Charts, and the artwork for this gorgeous track has landed – in truly collaborative 4th Floor style. With Photography from Frank Fieber, Creative Direction from Joanna Weir, Reuben Bastienne as BTS & Photography Assistant, Production by Mimi Oliver and the design for backdrops & single art by Yasmina Aoun, Marija Marc & Luke Brickett – teamwork really does make the dream work!

Styling was from Jaime Jarvis, hair by Naz Sonmez, make-up by Liz Martins and nails by Michelle Humphries.