MOOD Playlist


MOOD Playlist

4th Floor recently launched MOOD Playlist, a highly specialised playlist generator that allows music fans to create personalised Spotify playlists driven by their exact mood and listening habits. 

Designed and developed in-house, MOOD Playlist invites listeners to select a mood profile based on how strongly they want to tap into four mindsets: downbeat to upbeat and mellow to energetic. The interactive play icon can be moved to anywhere on the screen, allowing music fans to pinpoint the exact mood they are feeling, from highly upbeat and fractionally energetic to moderately mellow and slightly downbeat – or anything in-between! 

Once a mood has been selected, the platform fetches the listener’s favourite artists from their Spotify account and allows them to choose five artists (“taste indicators”). This will be analysed against the listener’s mood profile and most-listened-to tracks to create a playlist that is more meaningful, high-quality and unique than other services on offer. 

A truly collaborative effort, we are so excited to have this soundtrack our life! Check it out here: